Thursday, July 19, 2012

OMG Zimmerman

wtf is wrong with you, Zim?

George Zimmerman has revealed to Sean Hannity that he believes that Trayvon Martin's death was part of God's plan. As an atheist I was quick to jump onto this and declare another example of a religious evil, but I'm going to wait on that. People aren't always so stupid, and I remember the national letting out a collective groan after Michael "Dog Fighter" Vick declared he had found Jesus following his prosecution. So I can't declare this a religious evil over an opportunistic play for sympathy until I see a sizable population gullible or religion-rotted enough to believe in this new revelation.

Let me be clear, I was actually sympathetic to Zimmerman before this. I don't think he intended to kill anyone, but he presented an unknown threat to an innocent person, and that innocent person chose to fight back, and with potentially deadly force. He responded with assured lethality.

But now, Zim? Are you crazy or are you just an asshole?

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